Posted by: betrueblog | May 16, 2009

Why would anyone hire a life coach?

As life coaching continues to gain in popularity, people who don’t understand what it is and how it works are asking why anyone would hire a life coach. Frankly, after seeing some of the tweets (for the uninitiated, a “tweet” is a comment posted on Twitter) from people claiming to be life coaches, I can understand the skepticism! However, there are several good reasons why a person would hire a legitimate life coach. Here are some of them:

1. You are unhappy with some aspect of your life, and know that you need to make a change, but are afraid to take action. A life coach will help you face those fears and overcome them. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement to do what we know deep down must be done.

2. You have a specific goal in mind, but you can’t figure out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. A life coach will help you create a concrete plan of action, break it up into small steps with specific deadlines for each, and monitor your progress as you implement the plan.

3. You are facing a major life change (divorce, death of a loved one, or loss of a job, for instance) and are having difficulty deciding what to do now. Sometimes when we are in the midst of a crisis, we get overwhelmed and are unable to think clearly and plan for the future. Friends and family members may try to help, but they cannot be objective and their own emotions may get in the way.  A life coach can provide honest feedback and a supportive environment in which you can discuss all of your options,  decide which one is best for you, and then act on your decision.

These are just a few of the many reasons why people hire life coaches.  If you have ever hired a life coach, please comment below and share your reasons for doing so and how you benefited from the experience.  If you are thinking about hiring a life coach, I would be happy to provide a free initial consultation; simply leave a comment here or go to and click on the “Contact” tab to request one.



  1. Thanks for your comment, Mike. I agree with you 100%. I’m appalled by the “life coaches” on Twitter who talk about getting drunk or smoking pot, for instance. If they need drugs to cope with their own lives, how could they possibly think they’re qualified to help someone else?

  2. Yes I have hired coaches and I highly recommend it. BUT, you need someone who really knows their stuff – and in my experience, too many have no idea.
    The trick is to pick someone who walks their talk.
    Don’t hire a fat coach, a smoker or someone who drinks too much. Look for someone who is very experienced and don’t even think of getting a coach who hasn’t been around the block a few times.
    Forget anyone under about 30 to 30 years old, they simply don’t have the maturity.

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