Posted by: betrueblog | March 17, 2009

A job you love in 48 days?

Dan Miller’s best selling book and workbook, and the six week class based on it, claim that you can find (or create) a job you love in 48 Days.  Is that really possible?  He provides multiple examples of people who have successfully done so using his system, so apparently it is.

Actually, I know it is, because I’ve benefited from his system myself, so much so that I am now teaching the course to others.  If you live on Maui, please join my 48 Days to the Work You Love class, which will meet for six consecutive Sundays from 7 – 9 PM at Kihei Lutheran Church, 220 Moi Place, starting April 19th (the Sunday after Easter).  Visit my website,, for more details or to register for the class.   The cost is only $99, which includes the book, workbook, audio CDs, a DVD with summaries of each lesson, and more! 

If you do not live on Maui, or the class schedule doesn’t work for you, you can still benefit by purchasing the seminar participant kit and working through the materials on your own; my website has a 48 Days link on the left side of each page that will enable you to order any 48 Days products and have them shipped directly to your door. 

If you do order the 48 Days materials, or have used them in the past, please share your own experiences here.  I know they have made a huge difference in many lives and would love to hear how they have changed yours!



  1. Hey you just encouraged me !
    That Perhaps I can do the same thing.. or something similar

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