Posted by: betrueblog | March 8, 2009

It’s still a wonderful life

Well, I didn’t make the short list of applicants for the island caretaker job I blogged about last time.  I’m disappointed, because I would have really loved spending six months on Hamilton Island, but Maui is also a tropical island paradise and my life here is pretty good.  Actually, it’s a wonderful life!

Naturally, the year-round warm weather and being able to watch the whales play in the ocean on my way to work contribute to my enjoyment of life here, but far more important factors are Steve, who is the love of my life and my husband of nearly 18 years, and my church family at Kihei Lutheran Church.  I really don’t know how people cope with life’s challenges without a strong faith, and I’m so grateful for God’s presence in my life.  There is so much bad news these days, but the good news of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness gives me hope, and enables me to celebrate life even when times are tough.

Is your life wonderful?  If so, who or what makes it wonderful?  If not, what can you change to make your life better?



  1. Lesley, I agree that the Japanese slaughter of whales is horrible, and both the Australian government and the U.S. government should be doing more to stop it. However, I do think your headline question is misleading, since in fact Australians stopped killing whales decades ago.

    While I may not always approve of their tactics, I admire people who are willing to risk their lives, as those on the Sea Shepherd do, to act on their beliefs and make a difference in the world. I started my company, Be True to Yourself, to help people identify what they are passionate about and figure out ways to live their lives accordingly.

  2. Thanks for posting your reviews of the remaining candidates, Bill. There are some wonderfully creative people out there!

  3. I didn’t make it either. In any case, check out my reviews of the remaining candidates…

    I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

  4. Have Australians Stopped Killing Whales? What do you think?

    Please complete our poll on Whaling, too.

    Thanks Lesley

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