Posted by: betrueblog | February 14, 2009

What is a life coach?

In previous posts, I have highlighted individuals that I admire for being true to themselves.  Obviously, it is far better to be true to yourself and do what you know is right even when others tell you it is unrealistic and pressure you to give up your dreams, but it can be very difficult to do that.   More and more people are turning to life coaches for help.

What is a life coach?  A life coach is someone who helps you understand yourself better, identify goals, and develop and implement a plan to acheive those goals.  

When you meet with a life coach, he or she will ask questions designed to help you reflect on your life as it is now and determine which aspects of it you would like to change.   The life coach will then help you decide what you need to do to make those changes happen, and support and encourage you as you take the steps necessary to make your dreams a reality.

Have you ever hired a life coach?  Do you know anyone who has?  Would you consider hiring one?  Why or why not?  Please share your thoughts by clicking on the “comments” link below, and if you would like more information on the life coaching services I offer check out my website,


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