Posted by: betrueblog | January 31, 2009

Bruce Springsteen inspires me

I have seen Bruce Springsteen in concert multiple times.  During the Magic tour, I flew from Maui to California for the sole purpose of going to his concert.  Luckily he added a second show in Oakland so I got to go twice!  Unfortunately, economic realities will probably prevent me from doing the same thing for the Working on a Dream tour this year.  At least I’ll get to watch his Superbowl half-time show on a big screen TV, but there is just no substitute for seeing Bruce and the E Street Band live.

Why am I such a huge fan of his?  Of course I love his music, but more than that I admire him for following his heart and doing what he loves and is clearly meant to be doing.  Before he was world famous and making big bucks, his parents understandably wanted him to pursue other careers.   He loved music too much to give it up, though, and his persistence paid off. 

When I watch him on stage, it is clear that he is having at least as much fun as his audience is.  He also does not hesitate to speak his mind about U.S. policies he sees as morally reprehensible, even when fans don’t share his views.  He puts his money where his mouth is by donating millions to various charity groups and encouraging fans to bring canned goods and cash to concerts to benefit local food banks. 

For all of these reasons, he strikes me as a man who is being true to himself and making the most of his God-given talents, and inspires me to do the same.


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