Posted by: betrueblog | January 24, 2009

Is Barack Obama true to himself?

As I watched his inauguration speech, I was struck not only by our new President’s words but also by his tone of voice and demeanor as he spoke them.  Actually, every time he gave a speech throughout the campaign I noticed that not only the content but also his delivery of it seemed so much more authentic than the typical politician’s speech.  I’m sure he is well coached, and has gifted speechwriters, but nonetheless it seems to me that he genuinely believes what he is saying.   

His books have also impressed me.  Raw honesty – especially about his family background and his personal use of illegal drugs when he was younger – is quite rare among politicians.  Open acknowledgment that our country faces some complex problems and that he does not have all of the answers is also a refreshing change from the usual quick fixes we are promised.

His presidency has just begun, and ultimately his actions will speak louder than his words.  Based on his words up to this point, though, I am confident that he will help us get our country headed in the right direction, and will act based on what he truly believes is best for our nation and the world rather than what is politically expedient or popular at the time.


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